George 7 days New – Harlow Newborn Photography

George 7 days New – Harlow Newborn Photography

George what a gorgeous little chap! I’ve got a George myself so I always have a soft spot for a George 🙂

George and big brother Felix came to the studio yesterday with their lovely Mummy and Daddy, it’s clear for all to see that Felix is besotted with his new baby brother. It was a lot of fun having them both in the studio, Felix in particular reminded me of when my boys were little, so many questions and desperately wanting to understand how everything worked! 🙂

George had a nice long sleep at the start of the session and then decided that he was going to have an awake time, so I managed to get some gorgeous awake shots too, George has the most amazing eyes as you can see! I just couldn’t resist sharing this shot, I love the wrinkles in his forehead too like he’s really trying to concentrate!


Harlow Newborn Photography


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Most of the images you see on my website are of babies that are under two weeks old. Most times booking are taken between your 12 and 20 week scan. Your estimated due date just acts as a place marker in my diary so I know to expect your call. The actual date of your shoot isn’t confirmed until your little one has arrived. This is one of the reasons that my diary fills up so quickly as it’s essential that I have wiggle room to allow for early and late arrivals. So if you haven’t booked an you’d like to make an enquiry once your little one is here, it’s worth getting in touch because I often have last minute availability, that said the only way to ensure you get a shoot is to book whilst you are still pregnant.

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